anti wrinkle bra

How To Wear A Transparent Shirt

Some clothes and styles never go out of style. Proposals such as the transparent or semi transparent shirt accompany us both in summer and winter, and always have a space in our wardrobe. So if you are thinking about acquiring a transparent shirt, there are many different ways to style it. Give yourself a well-deserved shopping session and equip your wardrobe with this basic garment. A great thing to wear underneath it is an anti wrinkle bra, this is a basic staple for all wardrobes.

anti wrinkle bra

Do you already have it in your closet? Do you know how to combine a transparent shirt to get the most out of this garment? Keep calm and take note of the tips.

If it is semi-transparent and hints but shows nothing, you can wear your shirt alone. If on the other hand it is completely transparent, you will need a tank top underneath so as not to attract too much attention.

The most daring girls can choose to wear the transparent shirt with only a bra underneath. This is a simple matter of taste. For some girls this can be too much provocation, while for others it is just a game of seduction.

As we said, another less provocative way to use a transparent shirt is by wearing a tank top underneath. Here it will depend a little on the tone of the transparent or semitransparent shirt and on the shirts that we have, besides if we want to draw attention or not with the undershirt.

If we want to go unnoticed, it is best to use a shirt with a color similar to that of the shirt. If on the contrary, we want to contrast and draw attention, we could use a striking color under our transparent shirt.